Tishman Speyer

525 W Monroe
7,500 square feet

Tishman Speyer’s Midwest regional team has been consulting with Eastlake Studio on engaging workplace design for more than two decades. Recently, we completed the most personal collaboration to date—the design of their Chicago location.

Driven by  Chairman Jerry Speyer’s passion for contemporary art and philanthropic work with cultural institutions, the global real estate firm has earned a reputation for featuring art prominently in  building lobbies and other public venues. With this in mind, we created a loft-inspired workplace that prioritized light and space for artwork, and scaled back on using a more traditional branding vocabulary. Linear details in the reception area and lighting reference to the company’s logo, and bold pieces sourced from the collection were chosen in response to our neutral, clean finishes. 

To balance its airy, gallery-feel with the privacy necessary to staff,  small conference rooms were placed around the open work space. Chicago’s design legacy, illustrated by Mies van der Rohe, the Columbian Exposition and more, add a local context to the  larger story of Tishman Speyer’s dedication to arts and culture.


$30 per square foot
Allsteel work stations
Focalpoint lighting

Kendall McCaugherty, Hall + Merrick Photographers

Christopher Bucklow, Guest, 2005, cibachrome photograph, unique edition, red/yellow female, fountain of hair, Riflemaker Gallery, London
Ida Ekbland, If You Give to Me, 2009, oil on linen, ? Ida Ekblad
John Finneran, Goin’ Home, 2016, oil on linen/unique
Danny Rolph, ‘SH’, 2000, oil on twin wall