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Kevin Kamien comes from a family of craftsmen where creativity and problem solving were encouraged. As a young child, Kevin was equipped with his first bucket of Legos, and his passion for designing and building things only grew from there. A hard work ethic and attention to detail were ingrained in him from early on, and it came in handy when translating those lego bricks into real projects. 

Kevin continues that same work ethic as a licensed architect, with more than a decade of experience at Eastlake Studio. The hard work has paid off with some notable awards, including an AIA building award for The Field Chapel, AIA Small Project Award for Streeterville Penthouse, AIA Interior Award for Pandora and Valedictorian at IIT. 

Every day, Kevin pushes the boundaries of design and seeks out ways to solve complex problems for clients through eloquent solutions. When Kevin’s not working in the studio, he mentors students and assists the design-build program at IIT.  

Notable Projects: Group Modelo, Streeterville Penthouse, Mark Anthony Brands, Meridian, Cotter Consulting, Chicago Venture Partners, Vail Systems, Equator, Pivot Design, NCSA, Code 42, Pandora.