These days shared amenities have become a necessity more than a perk. In fact, they’re now an invaluable asset to the modern office building. Put simply, they allow people to emotionally engage with a space, and expand the idea of the “workplace” outside of the office’s walls.

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We’ve created numerous conference centers, lounges, fitness centers and more for clients with a variety of requests and budgets, and we understand how they can benefit all sides—marketing for building owners, recruitment incentives for tenants and, of course, inspiring work/play options for users.

As landlords are competing to recruit and retain the best tenants within a robust real estate market, they know that their office space isn’t a stand alone piece of real estate being evaluated.

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Quality amenities make a huge difference in increasing demand and leasing. After all, an office building should be a place where people want to spend time, and added comforts and conveniences help the cause. Furthermore, with new offices being built, older buildings have to keep up to stay in the game.

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The tech firm boom has inspired a push for better and often cooler amenities programs (hello roof deck and game room!) which continues to drive higher quality design projects at the landlord level, where traditionally resources were limited and projects were low cost.

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For tenants, amenities also help market the company as a great place to work and can be a useful tool in recruitment and retention, especially for millennials. Amenities also encourage interaction and cross-pollination between companies, and can create a sense of balance to the daily grind, whether it be through a morning coffee break, a midday workout or an afternoon ping pong game.

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Another advantage for tenants is that amenities can help them more efficiently use the square footage of their office space, and in some cases reduce conference, common and cafe areas. The money saved can be redirected back to technology and other strategic resources.

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The buzz for increased and better quality amenities isn’t going away, and we’re anxious to help your building create a tailored program.

So what’s the next must-have amenity?
A nap room?
A rock climbing wall?
A cupcake bakery?
If you can dream it, we can design it.